After the procedure is completed, the patient is repositioned and awakened, and then taken to the recovery room where he or she is carefully monitored by the O.R, nurse.

Recovery time is generally 10 to 20 minutes. After recovery, the patient receives oral fluids and a light snack. The doctor and anesthesiologist also remain in attendance until the patient is discharged.

To achieve results in most chronic cases, the MUA/MUJA procedure is repeated. The doctor may adjust only the area of abnormality, plus the adjacent area, the adjacent area only or additional areas depending on the doctor’s assessment of the condition.

Post-procedure care is one of the most import parts of the MUA/MUJA procedure and makes it truly effective.

The therapy begins immediately after MUA/MUJA procedure is completed. At this time, the patient visits the office and undergoes a combination of stretching exercises, cryo-therapy and electrical stimulation to eliminate or reduce soreness. The patient then returns home to rest.

Following the last MUA/MUJA procedure, the patient should follow an intensive therapy program for seven to 10 days. This post MUA/MUJA therapy should be the same stretches accomplished during the MUA/MUJA procedure and necessary adjustments made in the doctor’s office.

This is followed by specific rehabilitation for the next two to three weeks including stretching, flexibility and strengthening exercises plus periodic adjustments as required by the doctor.

A regimented program of post-MUA/MUJA therapy will help the patient regain both pre-injury strength and help prevent future pain and disability.