“I felt 75 percent better on the first day… on the second day even better…and on the third day I thought, Hallelujah here I go…”

“The best thing about MUA/MUJA is that it gives you your life back.”

“I can live a much better life free of pain and I am not constantly taking pain pills.”

“So I tried the MUJA and today I can’t believe it…it’s like I’m getting ready to go in the service again . . . I feel great.”

What is MUA/MUJA

These chronic pain sufferers and thousands like them across the nation have one thing in common- they’ve discovered the tremendous health benefits that can be restored by the procedure known as Manipulation Under Anesthesia-MUA; Manipulation Under Joint Anesthesia-MUJA.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia is exactly what it sounds like. After medical clearance, the patient is lightly anesthetized to achieve total relaxation, then, specialized stretching movements and adjustments which would normally be too painful to even consider are easily and painlessly accomplished. Manipulation Under Joint Anesthesia involves the performance of specialized spinal intervention procedures in addition to the above.

For more and more patients who are not finding relief through conventional treatments and/or invasive procedures, MUA/MUJA, combined with consistent but simple post-procedure treatment and exercise regimen, can eliminate or greatly reduce pain and restore or markedly improve range of motion. Plus, MUA/MUJA procedures are cost-effective - thousands of dollars less than traditional surgery and other more invasive treatments - and usually qualify for insurance coverage.

In addition, return-to-work is much faster, allowing MUA/MUJA patients to get back to work and the pleasures of living much sooner than expected.