Palmdale & Santa Clarita, California Workers Compensation MPN

Dr. Hadaya is indexed with most Medical Provider Networks and Insurance Companies and does provided evaluation and management of work related injuries

Palmdale & Santa Clarita, QME

Dr. Hadaya is appointed by the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers’ Compensation Medical Unit as a Qualified Medical Evaluator, in both Palmdale and Santa Clarita

Palmdale & Santa Clarita, US Department of Labor

Dr. Hadaya is a Health Care Provider and is registered with the United States of the Department of Labor since 2008.

The doctor and staff at Hadaya Chiropractic, Inc can help injured workers get back to work safely & quickly through utilization of physiotherapy & chiropractic care. We also work closely with other specialties such as Orthopedics and Pain Management if medication, injections, or surgery may be needed. Whatever it takes to help you recover we are on board with a multidisciplinary approach.