“I had been wearing a collar for a year previously - - -”

“l always had this dull burning feeling, then a car accident made it even worse, where I couldn’t even lie down - - -

“ I constantly had a burning pain, it just never would go away even with treatment, and after MUA, it was gone. - -

“ I always had this constant ache in the small of my back, time progressed, and wasn’t getting any better - - - ”

“The first day I could find some improvement, but the second day is when I could feel a major difference.., and the third day I remember saying to my wife when I woke up, ‘I can’t believe I’m actually getting out of bed without an ache?.., and from there on out. It’s just gotten better.”

As a chronic pain sufferer. Isn’t it time you considered Manipulation Under Anesthesia/Manipulation Under Joint Anesthesia?